The Benefits of Infographics

A creative and new social media platform businesses should not ignore is Infographics. Today, with the internet and social media, people tend to have shorter attention spans. Infographics capture out attention by visually communicating a story through a continuous picture. Infographics are a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. They present complex information in an organized fashion. It’s easy, quick and clear to read texts, symbols and other graphic visuals shown in an Infographic. In my opinion, this new creative and clear way to present information will be beneficial to any organization or anyone trying to explain, demonstrate or share a new piece of knowledge. According to Core Online Marketing, there are 4 ways your business will benefit from Infographics. They will capture attention, drive traffic, increase visibility, and create credibility. Placing Infographics as part of your online marketing content strategy is essential for an organization to gain more visibility and credibility. According to the article, How Marketers can get more from Infographics, the visual appeal of Infographics can work for businesses, brands and audiences. Infographics are beneficial to many people for a variety of uses and are constantly shared on other social media outlets such as Pinterest. PR Infographics on Pinterest and 30 Infographics about…Infographics demonstrates the visual appeal Infographics really have and lets you see for yourself why businesses should not ignore this new and creative outlet for sharing some type of knowledge.


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3 Responses to The Benefits of Infographics

  1. Liz says:

    Good work on the inforgraphics!

  2. Love it! I can definitely see more of a shift in this direction

  3. Really great overview of the benefits of infographics. I loved all of the links you provided too!

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